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Outdoor Fitness

Thomas Roman

Director Roman Pilates
M.Ed. University of Georgia

BA Michigan State University

Diploma Pilates
Certificate IV Personal Trainer

IKO Karate Black Belt

Tom has over 30 years of experience working in the fitness industry. In the early years, he has taught everything from Step, Pump, and Aerobics to Pilates group classes. Tom operated a successful personal training business in several of Sydney’s top gyms. His desire to integrate Pilates-based exercises into functional movement fitness training has been the drive behind the creation of the Roman Pilates Studio established in 2003.

Prior to moving to Australia, Tom worked for the University of California, Housing and Counselling Department. He has experience in teaching a university course in Peer Counselling Skills, as well as, providing training in the areas of Stress Management, Motivation, Self Esteem, Leadership Development, and Communication Skills. Tom used his counselling experience to gain a better understanding of how to change personal behaviours in order to improve one’s quality of life.

Through working in the fitness and rehab industry, he discovered the similarity between movement behaviours and personal behaviours. All movements are learned and changed in the same way. As a result, he developed a type of training called the “Roman Method - A Client-Centred Approach to Retraining Motor Control”. This Australian Physiotherapy Council accredited course explores how the brain learns movement and which environments best enable a participant to learn new movement skills. This method relies on many of the Principles of Positive Psychology and is used as the foundation for teaching all types of movement tools such as Pilates Studio Training, Suspension, resistance training, and aerobic conditioning.

The Roman Method was designed for Rehabilitation Professionals as well as Performance Trainers who are focusing on Functional Movement Training that enables a patient to move from rehab to fitness and if desired, to performance-based sports. The method is used by Physiotherapy practices in New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia.

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