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The Roman Method Creators

The Roman Method was designed for Rehabilitation Professionals as well as Performance Trainers who are focusing on Functional Movement Training that enables a patient to move from rehab to fitness and if desired, to performance-based sports. The method is used by Physiotherapy practices in New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia.


We would like to introduce you to the creative forces behind this innovative approach to wellness.


Thomas Roman

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Angelo James Di Giglio

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As a medical practitioner I have a keen interest in health, and of course that should start with looking after oneself.

19 years ago I was fortunate enough to be recommended to see Tom Roman as personal trainer. I had general fitness issues but also specific musculoskeletal problems ( spine , knees, general stiffness and inflexibility etc) which needed addressing.

Over that time we started with Pilates and that remains but has expanded to the concept of Functional Movement Training , focusing on many different areas such as eccentric strength training , fascial stretching, balance with rotation ( and many others) , and the use of novel devices to utilise these principles, beyond standard Pilates equipment.

The Roman Method has enabled me not only to markedly reduce visits to musculoskeletal practitioners to address recurring spinal /sacral problems, but also to pursue sporting activities that would otherwise not be possible . In particular I refer to alpine skiing at a black run/heliskiing level.

I have a torn meniscus and osteoarthritis of the knees but through the Roman method I am able support the joints to the extent that I can ski challenging areas with minimal symptoms, and with non-eventful recovery . I have been able to avoid surgery, which had the risk of exacerbating problems in the long term.

The Roman Method is highly adaptable to whatever level of injury or fitness is required . I have personally received the gentle rehab methods , then building up to improve fitness , and finally intense performance training in preparation for skiing . I have seen very fit athletes have introductory sessions with Tom and find themselves amazed at some of their own shortcomings , struggling with particular exercises during the session , that often involve balance and rotation especially.

There really is something for everyone , from the sedentary person carrying chronic injuries, to the elite athlete who thinks they have seen it all . They haven’t, and a single session using the Roman Method will demonstrate that very clearly !

Dr Howard Studniberg

I have been a client of Tom Roman for over two years. I began by accepting Tom’s invitation to have a session with him to see what it was all about. Immediately, I felt this was something worth continuing.


I am a dentist that works with Osteo’s and other health practitioners. I spend a lot of my day treating patients in chronic pain. In addition to performing normal dental procedures, my success in this area depends on assisting the patient achieving muscular balance and efficiency in how they move their jaws to perform multiple tasks.

Tom’s philosophy sets out to achieve that goal in active holistic way. I love to run as a way of keeping fit and the Roman Method has been a beautiful compliment to that experience. The Roman Method is about strengthening and toning the body, but it does that by providing challenges that match a person’s ability maintain balance and motor control while performing multiple types of exercises. It is always a challenging experience, but never overwhelming to the point where one cannot achieve learning the task. When feel you are improving and you have mastered the task, there is always another challenge.


Through this experience I was able to take my chronically sore shoulder to pain free. I admire the methodology as a regular participant, but also from the prospective of a health profession.

Dr. Phil Stein - Dentist, Sydney Australia

I was introduced to the Roman Method over one year ago as an Exercise Physiology student. After training under Tom, I quickly began to see the benefits of their methodology which encompasses functional movement training, motor control repatterning, positive psychology, and client education.


From my own experience utilising the Roman Methodology and working with the Roman Pilates Fitness team, I saw first-hand the significant progress made for clients who are dealing with chronic health conditions, are in the post-surgery rehabilitation phase, and those looking to assess and improve on their functional performance.


Through completing the Roman Method course I have gained insight into assessing and correcting faulty movement patterns and I believe it would be ideal for those in the industry looking to further develop their skillset.

Yasmin Favretti Exercise Physiologist

I was fortunate to meet with Tom over a year ago to learn more about the Roman Method and it has been one of the best concepts I have come across in my professional career.

As an exercise physiologist, I focus on functional movement with my clients – whether it be returning an injured worker back to full duties, getting my clients back to their activities of daily living or rehabilitation to performance for athletes. The Roman Method training was a perfect complement to my approach to training clients in all these situations. The Roman Method trains instructors on how to assess and correct faulty movement patterns, to educate the client on how to create efficient movement and execute it, mimicking the way our bodies work every day.

Tom’s approach to training is so simple, yet effective – Train the body in a safe and controlled environment with challenging movement tasks to prepare the body for activities of daily living (or the unknown!). I now incorporate these concepts with every client who walks into our rehabilitation gym and am reaping the rewards – clients seeing and feeling a difference!

I would highly recommend Exercise Physiologists and other fitness professionals learn the Roman Method. It is a fantastic course to do for continuing education. Tom has continued to support me throughout the last year with additional training – I have found a wonderful coach and mentor.


Silvia Agnelotti Exercise Physiologist

Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

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