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Angelo James Di Giglio

B.phty (ACU), BAppSc, BHSc (Hons), DRM

Angelo is a Physiotherapist with interest in areas of musculoskeletal injuries and a sports focus on tennis, golf, and endurance events. Angelo has extensive experience working in Physiotherapy clinics across Sydney with over 15 years of clinical experience. Additionally, has a university degree in nutrition and has provided services for sports professionals in private practice. He is also a highly trained Myofascial deep muscle therapist and Trigger Point expert in the treatment of postural and functional disorders. His research background previously working as a researcher in the Biomedical and Health Science sphere allows him to remain up to date with current clinical research spanning over three modalities (Physiotherapy, Nutrition, and Manual Therapy).

We all aspire to participate in life with high levels of energy and strength. There has been emerging research into the power of movement to assist the prevention of heart disease, osteoarthritis, falls, and depression. Exercise can increase hippocampal volume in adults and enhance spatial memory performance. Essentially, the Roman Method of rehabilitation and exercise incorporates:

  • Balance training to facilitate the development of neurological pathways

  • Utilises a client-centered approach to re-patterning motor control

  • Employs exercise physiology principles

  • Develops the ability to identify inefficient movement patterns and correcting them for long-

    term health outcomes

    The general population seeks a Physiotherapist to rehabilitate an injured area of their body and restore their health as close to its original condition as possible. However, the same biomechanical problems can perpetuate the existing complaint often with a concurrent underlying pathophysiological process. The Roman Method facilitates one-on-one sessions and we devise an exercise program to support your rehabilitation, activities of daily living, or peak performance.

Natural Movement Physiotherapy

A: 33 Centennial Street. Marrickville NSW 2204 P: 0401 877 895

Matraville Physiotherapy

A: 165a Perry Street. Matraville NSW 2035 P: 02 9311 2525

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