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A Client-Centred Approach

to Re-Training Motor Control

The Roman Method

The Roman Method is designed for:

  • Integrative or Holistic Medical Centres that seek to incorporate movement training into their practice.

  • Physiotherapists who seek to use movement training in their treatment plans or employ Exercise Physiologist to teach movement training in their facility.

  • Exercise Physiologist that seeks to provide an individualised approach to movement training for rehabilitation to function, function to fitness and fitness to performance.

  • Gym Owners, and Personal Trainers seeking to provide an individualised approach to movement training that minimises potential risk of injury in a functional training environment that focuses on how the brain acquires new movement skills.

The Roman Method Logo-A.png

“We have a brain for one reason and one reason only -- that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements. Movement is the only way we have affecting the world around us... I believe that to understand movement is to understand the whole brain. And therefore it’s important to remember when you are studying memory, cognition, sensory processing, they’re there for a reason, and that reason is action.”

The Roman Method Logo-A.png

Daniel Wilbert,

Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge

The Roman Method Courses

The Roman Method was designed for Rehabilitation Professionals as well as Performance Trainers who are focusing on Functional Movement Training that enable a patient to move from rehab to fitness and if desired, to performance-based sports. The method is used by Physiotherapy practices in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

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